Ultrasonic Testing (UT) uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Ultrasonic inspection can be used for flaw...


Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)method that is used to detect surface or near to surface discontinuities(such...


Liquid Penetrant Testing is most often used to detect cracks and voids open to the surface of non porous metallic materials.It is economical,versatile...


Eddy current inspection is one of the several NDT methods that uses electromagnetic induction to detect flaws in conductive materials.    


Visual Testing is one of the most common and most powerful means of non-destructive testing that provides a means of detecting and examining a variety...


  Leak Testing is the branch of nondestructive testing that concerns the escape or entry of liquids or gases from pressurized or into evacuated components...


Radiography is the most commonly known non-destructive test method.Radiography can be used to obtain permanent image of surface and subsurface(embedded)discontinuities.The...


Neutron Radiography is a form of nondestructive inspection that uses a specific type of particulate radiation,called neutrons,to form a radiographic...


Magna Flux Leakage(MFL)Testing is a widely used,Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)method for the detection of corrosion and pitting in steel structure.MFL...


Infrared/thermal inspection comprises all methods in which heat-sensing devices are used to measure temperature variations in components,structures,systems,or...


Coating Thickness Measurement involves the measurement of a broad range of coating thickness on almost any metal substrate,whether ferrous or non-ferrous.Coating...


Material Analysis can help you better understanding of the chemical and physical characteristics of material ingredients.It is often required to ensure...

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Category: Zyglo Kits

Our Zyglo® ZA-70 Portable (aerosol) Fluorescent Kit offers improved sensitivity over our Spotcheck® visible red dye test kit.






Zyglo® ZL-60D fluoresces a bright greenish-yellow under ultraviolet radiation and is safe for use on most engineering and aerospace alloys including aluminum, steel, nickel and titanium.


Spotcheck® SKL-WP2 water washable penetrant eliminates the need for solvent removers or emulsifiers in the removal of excess surface penetrant.


Zyglo® ZL-4C contains no petroleum base solvents and fluoresces a greenish-yellow color under ultraviolet radiation of 365 nm.


Spotcheck® SKL-4C is used in leak testing and in the inspection of ceramic and chemically sensitive plastic parts.

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