T-Gage V Series

Category: Sonatest

The T-Gage V series encompasses a range of hand held ultrasonic instruments that are specifically designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primary steel structures. There are three levels of models; the T-Gage VB, T-Gage V and the T-Gage VDL. A colour display (C) or A/B-Scan functionality (W) can be added to the T-Gage V & VDL, by simply adding C or W to the model number. The T-GAGE V series offers features that make your job simpler and interpretation of on site data faster and easier to interpret.

The T-Gage V suite of gauges are offered with a Monochrome display as standard.  To enhance the user experience a Colour Display(C) can be configured, as can the addtional A-Scan functionality (W).  These simple upgrade options are available throughout the life of your gauge.  

T-Gage VB

The T-Gage VB is a basic variable velocity gauge with probe.  This is a very economical model designed to make reliable and accurate thickness readings; primarily on steel structures with access to one side.  This model is easily upgradeable in the field to deliver datalogging functionality.

T-Gage V

Applications include: Boiler Tubes, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Ship Hulls, Containers, Oil Tanks, Pipes, Steam Lines, Compressors, Shafts, Bridge Pins, Bond Inspection.

As a mid-range model the T-gage V offers the most popular features in a thickness gauge, including Echo-to-Echo (E-E) capability.   Other features include increase/decrease in gain; vibrate & illuminate keypad on Alarm conditions and the "transducer attendant", where the end user is notified when a transducer needs replacing. Simple upgradeable options include A/B-Scan capability and data logging software.

T-Gage VDL

The T-Gage VDL is the top of the range model offering all the features of the V model together with a flexible datalogger, taking up to 50,000 readings, B-Scan and Echo-to-Echo functions.  This model also comes with the data management software, Data XLS, and a customised pouch.



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