Microgage III Series

Category: Sonatest

The variety of features offered by the MICROGAGE III series enables the user to select a quality tool that will exceed their application needs. The Echo-to-Echo capability allows the measurement of the thickness of materials without removing paint or coatings.

The compact and powerful Microgage III measures 0.1mm or 0.0040 inches of Steel; and overall is ideal for a wide variety of applications from thin to thicker due to its 30Mhz bandwidth square wave pulser.

Designed with the user in mind, the  MICROGAGE III utilises state-of-the–art digital technology to produce fast and accurate readings. Available in 7 models including basic (B), datalogging (DL), with and without waveform(W) with monochrome or colour(C) displays. 

Features include:

• 0.0001 resolution

• Live A-scan (colour optional)

• Vibration and colour change with alarm

• Storage and recall of set ups

• 30 MHz bandwidth

• Zoom auto tracking

• Datalogger 100,000 readings 

• Multiple Modes for challenging applications 

• Real-Time adjustment of initial gain, slope, range, rectification, zoom and blankings.

• Sunlight readable

• Languages include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Finnish among others.

Applications areas include: Coil Steel, Fibreglass Thickness (Boats), Titanium (golf club heads), Rubber Tyres, Thin Walled Components, Aerospace applications, Plastics Manufacturing. 


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