Portable holiday detectors – also known as pore test instruments – with continuously adjustable test voltage. Robust instruments for harsh use on construction sites or in manufacturing.


  •         Maximum safety with high voltage generation directly in the probe head and low-energy voltage according to ISO 2746
  •         Three instrument versions with different test voltage ranges:
    HV5: 0.8 – 5 kV
    HV20: 4 – 20 kV
    HV40: 8 – 40 kV
  •         Intuitive operation with menu navigation, rotary push switch and OLED display
  •         Extensive selection of electrodes
  •         Display of the test voltage applied directly to the electrode Pore detection sensitivity: detection threshold settable to a voltage drop of 10, 20, 30 or 50 %
  •         Porosity detector switchable between static and dynamic threshold
  •         Battery operation by means of a Li-ion battery with smart battery technology, a controller monitors the battery state permanently and avoids deep discharge

Typical fields of application

The POROSCOPE holiday detector allows you to find pores quickly and reliably on coated metals such as e.g.:

  •          Enamel- or plastic-coated mineral oil tanks, agitator kettles, pipelines, boilers and heat exchangers
  •          Plastic-coated food packages
  •          Corrosion protection coatings on hulls


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