Category: Helmut Fischer

                 Handheld instrument for conductivity measurement of non-ferromagnetic metals


  •          Rapid and simple on-the-spot conductivity measurement  of non-ferromagnetic metals (acc. to DIN EN 2004-1, ASTM E 1004)
  •          Conductivity probe ES40 for frequencies 60 kHz, 120 kHz, 240 kHz, 480 kHz. (ES40-HF for 1,25 MHz)
  •          Automatic temperature compensation of the conductivity (integrated or external sensor)
  •          Automatic curvature compensation for a known curvature diameter (down to 6 mm)
  •          We offer certified traceable calibration standards (MS/m,
    %IACS). Our probes were calibrated with these standards. 
  •          Fischer is the acknowledged supplier of certified calibrations standards for the European Mints.

                Typical fields of application

  •         Airplanes
  •          Mints
  •          Thermal sprayed coatings of non-ferromagnetic metals,e.g. Cu.
  •          Absolute measurement of electrical conductivity during the production process of aluminum copper, etc. 
  •         Checking the electrical conductivity before anodizing aluminum.





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