PMI Master PRO - Mobile OES

Category: Oxford Instruments

The PMI-MASTER range of portable optical emission spectrometers (OES) for mobile metal analysis.

The mobile spectrometers PMI-MASTER are used for the precise analysis of key elements, rapid material verification, positive materials identification (PMI) and sorting of different metals. They are ideally suited for demanding industrial applications. Thanks to their rugged design they do not require laboratory type conditions.

With the new PMI-MASTER Compact, Oxford Instruments now extends the range of mobile metal analysers to a spectrometer at entry-level based on the well-proven technology of the PMI-MASTER Pro.

  • PMI-MASTER Compact - the first choice for the const-conscious user seeking a reliable yet robust metal analysing instrument for routine analysis work.
  • PMI-MASTER Pro - the truly mobile spectrometer for up to eight hours of remote operation independent of main power supply. 

The mobile metal analyser PMI-MASTER range offers:

  • Easy and fast testing
  • Precise analysis and material identification
  • State-of-the-art technology








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