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MP-A2D has excellent mobility using a DC 12V battery and is easy to work at a place without power supply .

Used at a place where there is no AC power supply using DC 12V battery

Easy to work even at a high place or a place difficult to access

To apply dry,wet and fluorescent magnetic particle

A molding type with excellent water-proof,anti-humidity and anti-rust

Excellent durability by using a molding type of rubber material with strong shock-resist

To test various objects to be tested by connecting middle poles


  • Power Supply:DC12V/3~6amps
  • Battery Charger Power:220V/50/60HZ
  • Lifting Power:18.2kg Over
  • Magnetomotive Force:3,158(A/T)
  • Distance Between Magnetic Core Center:130.0mm
  • Weight/Main Body:2.8kg(Including Pole)2.2kg(Pole 0.3*2=0.6)=2.8kg
  • Dimensions/Main Body:195(L)*182(H)*48(W)mm
  • Power Cable Length:2m
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