ES-X Ferrous-Probe flexible leg

Category: Electro Spect

The ES-X Ferrous-Probe flexible leg is a compact, lightweight, electro-magnetic particle inspection probe for critical surface crack inspection. It has shock resistant, safety orange epoxy plastic, that is reinforced with Fiberglass.

Strain relief system:
Equipped with Heyco spring system and stainless end plate to prevent cord rotation.

Cord attachment:
The cord attachment is equipped with Heyco strain reliefs and anodized end plates to prevent cord rotation. The ES-X has brass contacts rising from the core body within the cord box. This allows the electrical cord to be easily removed or replaced by simply unscrewing the leads from the brass contacts. This system prevents cord shorts doe to arcing between leads.

The molded switch box is water resistant. The momentary on-switch is soldered to leads rising from the core body within the box. This allows the switch to easily be replaced and prevents any arcing.

Weight: 7 lbs.   voltage: 42/115/220 AC  HZ: 50/60, AMPS (in air):3.0/5.75/2.0 Lift capacity 15lbs @ 115v
Optional DC power supply available.


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