TrAc Light

Category: Labino


Labino TrAc Light is based on MPXL technology and is battery operated. Each unit is equipped with a 35 W lamp that creates a very robust UV intensity.


The Labino TrAc Light lamp contains the trigger ballast (electronics), battery and bulb in a single housing. The light weight characteristic of this product – 2.32 kilos (5.1 lbs) – as well as the advantage of battery operation, removes any constraints to the user who can move freely around large inspection areas. The battery has a running time of 1.3 hours and each unit is equipped with a current regulator to keep the intensity stable even when the battery fades.


The Labino TrAc Light lamp is available in three important distinctions – floodlight, midlight or spotlight, each giving dierent beams and intensities. Each lamp obtains full power in 5-15 seconds and can be switched on and o whenever used, without pre-cooling. It is unaected by magnetic fields and can be used outdoors, even in the rain, as the lamp is IP65 certified. Labino TrAc Light is available with the handle of your choice – top, pistol or no handle (add mounting brackets instead). Available with a carrying case.





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