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  • A light handheld lamp producing an extremely high intensity (spotlight > 60,000 µw/cm2)
  • Spotlight, Midlight or Floodlight
  • 50 Watt or 35 Watt


Labino SuperXenon 50 W UV lamp is based on MPXL technology and is one of the most powerful handheld UV lamps on the market! The 50 W Xenon bulbs generate an extremely high UV intensity, providing a very clear excitation of fluorescent material. This lamp makes it possible to search very large areas. You can use a floodlight reflector and still see excitations in daylight and at great distances.


The Labino SuperXenon lamp contains the electronics and bulb in a single housing and is available with a pistol handle (SXPH), a top handle (SXH) or no handle (SXNH) – add a mounting bracket instead. This product can be operated by two different power systems – battery as well as via a power supply unit (PSU). The PSU model weighs just 1.4 kilos (3.1 lbs) and the battery operated model weighs 1.9 kilos (4.2 lbs). The battery is a docking battery. You can easily replace to a new battery and charge the used one. You can also switch between a battery and mains power supply unit (PSU) on the same lamp by switching the docking devices – both fit to the same lamp. The mains model is equipped with a 2.8 meter (9 feet) long extendable cord. The Labino SuperXenon is also available with a 35 W UV bulb.


Both models are available in three important distinctions – floodlight, midlight or spotlight, each giving different beams and intensities. Each lamp obtains full power in 5-15 seconds and can be switched on and off whenever used, without pre-cooling. It is unaffected by magnetic fields and can be used outdoors, even in the rain, as the lamp is IP65 certified. Available with a carrying case.



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